A great place to have fun in the water with friends and family. You and your guests can enjoy a multitude of sports and activities, easily swapping from one to another. Not only does it provide you with a fantastic swim platform, but also an ideal area for sunbathing and relaxing.


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  • Recreational level water skis

  • Bright fins for extra visibility

  • Comfortable font toe and adjustable heel

  • Extra molded overlay strap for durability

  • Extra slalom toe

  • Glossy protective top finish.

  • Rim injection construction with extra metal rods for stiffness

  • V bottom design for easy edge to edge and better tracking


Binding size: USA 6-14 - Europe 36-47
Weight range: 59" < 55kg - 67" >50kg


Palm protectors provide an extra neoprene layer to protect your hands from forming calluses and blisters. You can wear these palm protectors under your water sports gloves or solo. One size fits all, sometimes it's that easy.

  • All-purpose, recreational rope and handle suitable for all water sports.

  • 12 inch wide handle

  • 28mm thick round grip

  • Rubber handle grip

  • 12 strand main line

  • 60ft main line

  • Jobe Life vest for full protection


90 € week

10% discount for 2 weeks or more.
Free delivery from Split-Zadar.

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